Lulie Negreira

Lulie has more than 30 years of fiscal and grant administration, grant writing and grant reviewing experience including being responsible for managing grants and budgets of more than $30M in awards combined.

She is currently focused on non-profit finances and specializes in working closely with start up non-profits. Lulie also works hand in hand with grant writers to create winning budgets and narratives for grant proposals.

Lorinda Gonzalez

Lorinda brings over 10 years of grant writing experience to the team leading to over $14M in awarded funds from government, local and private funders, has taught over 100 workshops and is continually seeking new opportunities to learn the latest trends in proposal development, which she openly shares with students and clients.

Program Goals:
A Place 2 Start is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded with the aim of bolstering success within the non-profit community.

Why Nonprofits Need Us:
As an organization founded by professionals in grant writing and nonprofit finance, we provide an advanced level of knowledge and competency in the process of running successful nonprofits.

Why We Are the Resource for You:
Too often the logistics of running a nonprofit get in the way of the actual programs it aims to deliver. Many nonprofits suffer from insufficient funding to realize their missions and financial mismanagement of the funds they do have. Growing administrative fees and overhead due to inflation also make it harder to allocate funds towards the causes that really matter.