Program Goals
A Place 2 Start is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded with the aim of bolstering success within the non-profit community. It is our goal to provide other nonprofits with the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century.
How can we help?
As an organization founded by professionals in grant writing and nonprofit finance, we provide an advanced level of knowledge and competency in the process of running successful nonprofits. Do you wish you could do more for the community you serve?
Every nonprofit must have several key skills in their toolkit, including financial recordkeeping, grant management, donor relations, and administrative oversight. We established our program to help nonprofits get a grip on the complex systems and processes required to effectively deliver their programming.
Why Nonprofits Need Us?
Nonprofits usually stem from a community need that has been clearly identified and a group who has come together to fill that need. Most individuals come to this work with an elevated level of passion and a desire to make real change in their communities. However, a nonprofit cannot thrive on passion alone. Delivering successful programs year after year requires a high level of diligence and the ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances.
Our organization exists to equip passionate changemakers with the necessary tools and skills to make their ideas come to life in the form of sustainable and well-managed nonprofit programs. We deliver expert guidance on the necessary documentation required to establish and run your nonprofit, as well as a wide range of tips and tricks gained from decades working in the field.

Workshops update

Does your nonprofit have a lot of great ideas but runs into trouble executing?

Do you find that your original mission is getting lost under a mountain of red tape and unexpected costs?

Do you wish you could do more for the community you serve?

These are the kind of situations in which nonprofits often find themselves. Too often the logistics of running a nonprofit get in the way of the actual programs it aims to deliver. Many nonprofits suffer from insufficient funding to realize their missions and financial mismanagement of the funds they do have. Growing administrative fees and overhead due to inflation also make it harder to allocate funds towards the causes that really matter.

A Place 2 Start works with your nonprofit wherever you are in your journey to assess your organizational weaknesses and needs. Using the financial acumen and nonprofit management experience of our staff, we provide custom tailored plans to get your programs on track and set achievable goals for long-term organizational health. Our staff will take you through all the necessary financial and administrative documentation that comes with nonprofit management and will consult directly on ways to improve the efficiency of your program delivery. If that sounds like something you could use, contact us today!